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Julie is the best teacher you could wish for.

Extremely professional and will focus on your well being before anything else. Her classes made me love the practice and it was not an easy challenge! 💪🌞

Clara L.

I absolutely love Julie's classes!

She's such a great teacher, incredibly professional, precise and positive. Julie has your back: she's pushing you to improve while being very supportive and kind. 100% recommend.

Lauriane G.

Best workout in Lisbon!! And online :)

Julie is absolutely great, every time I take one of her in person class I’m sore for days 💪🏻 and getting stronger. Her sense of humor combined with her high professionalism makes the workout fun and incredibly pleasant.

Ottavia C.

I love working out with Julie!

She's always in the best mood to motivate us! the movements she implements in her sequences are not usual squats or lunges you would do therefore you get to tone and work hard to reach muscles. Trust me, my legs have never shaken like this with any other workout!

Marie L. H.

Julie is an absolute professional at what she does.

Great yoga classes that make will make you sweat. but what´s most impressive is that her motivational attitude makes you wake up at 6:30 am on a Monday to practice. Thats very impressive!

Alex N.

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